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Blazor Bootstrap v1.1.0

· One min read

We are excited to release 1.1.0, with new Toast Service, ConfirmDialog, Icons enhancements, and more examples!!!

Blazor Toasts serviceBlazor Bootstrap: Blazor Toasts serviceBlazor ConfirmDialog componentBlazor Bootstrap: Blazor ConfirmDialog componentBlazor Icon componentBlazor Bootstrap: Blazor Icon component

What's changed

  • New ToastService
  • ConfirmDialog component enhancements
  • PreloadService enhancements
  • Icon component enhancements

Demos site examples

  • New examples for 'Blazor ToastService'
  • New examples for 'Blazor Confirm Dialog Component'
  • New examples for 'Blazor Preload Component'
  • New examples for 'Blazor Icon Component'